Accountability Partner

Rarely, we meet up with someone for the first time and instantly feels comfortable to engage with that person. It does not matter we don’t know the other person long enough somehow unaware, our conversations and exchanges flow seamlessly as if we have been familiar since a long time.

I met Mamatha a few months ago and she has an endearing personality. One with an infectious enthusiasm, forthcoming warmth and an entrepreneureal courage so rare for a lady from a small Indian city.

We have not spent much time through our business liaisons and yet, we hooked up and chose to become an accountability partner for each other on our fitness routines starting today-29 October, 2018.

This blog will jouranal our commitment challenges and how we over come those, our little successes of fresh ideas, how we re-mould ourselves to give us a new definition. I dont mean to target alone how we look, but more on how we shall revise the overall Outlook of ourselves and our lives in the present – taking it one day at a time.

Mamatha and I don’t live in same city nonetheless, frequent connectivity over the net will provide us common space to share, care and grow.